abbyy pdf transformerThe whole point of saving a document as a PDF (portable document format) is to preserve its formatting. Anyone can open it with a free program like Adobe Reader and it will look exactly the same as the original that was sent. But if you want to make changes, you have to convert it to a form that can be edited. is a leader in the PDF conversion business and their latest program is called “PDF Transformer +.” It’s not in its final form yet but you can download it for 90 days for free to see how it works. We tried it and it works very well already. It lets you convert 100 PDF pages at a crack, so you can move through a long PDF very quickly. We took the PDF of our Samsung Galaxy 3 manual and turned it into a Microsoft Word document. The results were nearly flawless, and small errors could be corrected manually.

If you’re not game on trying the preview version, Abby’s “PDF Transformer 3.0,” is a third the regular price at $20 and also has a free trial. It has a lot of the same features, but the new version adds the ability to add extra comments to a PDF, fix typos, and so on.


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  1. I’ve tried NUANCE and CLASSIC PDF EDITOR to convert a PDF into a WORD document that I could actually work with. Neither of them offered a .doc that I could fill in the blanks on, etc. Might just as well be a photo of a PDF. Is there a reasonably priced (non-business) program that will do what I want.

    Thanks for all your past help.