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  1. I read your column in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. I tried to send you an e-mail at and it was returned as undeliverable. Can you please send me a current e-mail address?


    Nancy Baxter
    North Little Rock, AR 72116
    Phone 501 753-3578

  2. Thanks Nancy! I can’t believe I had it listed here wrong. It’s fixed now. Thanks so much for catching this.

  3. i,m at Worcester Senior center. A malware is on lab computer #3.called What is the best way to deleat it?

    That ink thing I hope will help me, my hp printer dosn’t work with other ink. Thanks in advance.

    regards Bob Fred

  4. Start by going to and click on the free download link to install the free version. Then use it to scan your computer and see if it cleans it out for you. If not, you may have to do a system restore to bring your computer back to where it was when it was working. You can type “system restore” into the Windows search box. If you have any trouble, please write me at
    If it’s

  5. I’m looking to make my own whiteboard animations to train our new tech hires.

    Would very much like your advice how to go about it.

    Thanks Much!


  6. RE the article about iKlips thumb drive. The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive has a USB & a Lightning plug. It wraps around your iPad, so you can carry it around, attached to the iPad and not stick out. Has several sizes of memory. Love mine

  7. Great. Thanks for the info on the SanDisk iXpand.

  8. On my Mac I’m using Office 2011. On the Windows side, I’m using Office 2007. I finally upgraded from ACT! 6 to ACT! 11. Can’t go further to newer versions of ACT! as they won’t work with XP. Since I don’t have employees, I use Windows Quickbooks 99. I wish IBM would upgrade Lotus Suite, but that’s never going to happen.
    No use to waste money to upgrade perfectly good software

  9. Thanks for your comment Gene! We were getting so much spam that I temporarily forgot to check comments. You can always write me at joydee at oncomp dot com. Great to hear from you.

  10. Hey Baxter,

    My name is Nathan Hoffman and I’m the Partnerships-Manager at

    We would like to advertise some of our clients on your blog.

    Can you please let me know which Advertising options you offer ?

    Thanks in advance for the Details Baxter!

    kindest regards,

    Nathan Hoffman
    Partnerships Manager

  11. Not interested, but thanks for your inquiry.

  12. Hello there!

    Hope you are having a great day!

    This is Ryan from Crediful. I was wondering: do you accept guest posts? We would love to publish a guest post; that will be written professionally by an experienced copywriter and it will be about personal finance, but we can customize it if you have another topic/subject in mind.

    If you charge for the guest posts, please send me the PayPal/Bank Account information as well.

    After the post is published, we will gladly share it on our social media accounts as well!

    All The Best!


  13. No, we don’t accept guest posts but we wish you all the best.

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