About Joy Schwabach

Joy Schwabach

Joy Schwabach, the widow of Bob Schwabach, writes the “On Computers” column, which appears weekly in Arkansas and Massachusetts. Bob started the column in 1980. Joy joined the byline around 2003, and co-wrote it with Bob until his passing in August, 2020.

Here’s a brief bio:

— Wrote the “American Dream” column and feature stories for the Daily Pilot newspaper, Costa Mesa, California.

— Wrote op-eds for the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times.

–Helped write “Land of Opportunity,” by Donald Lambro.

— Helped create the first Evanston Womans’ Club website at wcofe.org.

— Re-designed the second P.E.O. Illinois statewide website at peoillinois.org.

— Created the Berkeley historic interest group website at mshhig.com.

— Undergraduate degree in economics from Cal State University, Long Beach. Also attended graduate school at the University of Southern California.





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  1. I read your column in the Worcester, MA Aug 21 issue and have two comments: 1,.My husband and I regularly write checks at the grocery store and we do not hold up others – we prep the check before getting to the cashier so we only need to add the amount at the end of our order; the ones who delay others are those who use charge cards. I am uncomfortable with your comment. 2. Your column seems to relate only to PCs. Why not Macs – most of the info in your column is useless for us since we are a Mac household….At least if there is something new, add the way to get to it using a Mac – such as click the mouse, not right-click since a Mac mouse does not have two sides…..
    We are having trouble with our e-mail so if you feel like calling us, our number is 508-757-2881, after 10 AM eastern time. (I did contact the Telegram people but no idea if they will send my comments on to you.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. We have done Macs a lot more often since you wrote this, and will keep at it.

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