mixbitFree video editing programs typically let you make only short videos, but “MixBit” lets you put together as many as 256 short ones for a whole hour of play.  There’s an Android and iPhone app, but you’ll need the website, Mixbit.com to mix videos together.  Besides making your own video mixes, you can throw in videos made by other MixBit users. The clips that go into your mix and match video can be as long as 16 seconds each. You can trim longer videos to make them usable as clips and then put an hour’s worth together.

MixBit was created by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, co-founders of YouTube. The app’s big coup recently was capturing Kim Kardashian’s October 21 marriage proposal. It was one of the first publicized recordings of the proposal.

The mixer works but we found it tough to figure out. This is true of many new programs we encounter, the problem being that the programmers already know how everything works and can’t see it from the point of view of a newcomer. We captured a lot of videos but were clueless on how to put them together, since we didn’t realize you have to step out of the app and go to Mixbit.com to do that. You may find it easier.

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