battery doctorA young relative visiting us this summer noticed how quickly our Samsung Galaxy S3 went dead. A free app called “Battery Doctor” fixes that.

Battery Doctor has 150 million downloads for iOS and Android phones. The good Doctor gave our phone a “51,” which was “unhealthy” the first time we ran it. Tapping a fix-it button for the power-hogging apps on our phone, we boosted the rating to 77, and gained 25 minutes of battery life.

The real killer is data. We’re on T-Mobile’s $30 a month unlimited data plan. So we leave the 4G cellular connection on at all times and don’t worry about it. It turns out this is the real battery hog. By letting Battery Doctor fix it, our rank zoomed to 97 and we gained another 189 minutes of battery life. We just have to remember when we’re away from home, and not using a Wi-Fi connection, to go into “Settings,” and tap “Mobile Networks” to turn the cellular connection back on. Battery Doctor also has an app manager for uninstalling apps you no longer use. People tend to pick these up, look once and then forget about them.

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