ink cardsThe easiest way to share a photo from your smartphone is to tap on the little thumbnail picture in the photo gallery. Next tap the “share” icon, and choose one of the options, such as email. That’s the quick way, but old-fashioned printing isn’t going away.

  • “Free Prints,” for the iPhone, gives you 85 free prints a month; you pay for shipping and handling. In our tests, shipping was $3 for 20 prints, or 15 cents a photo for any number. The best part was choosing photos from many sources, not just our phone. We instantly saw all the photos from our Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox accounts, available as soon as we tapped the icon for each.
  • “Ink Cards” is a free app for sending photo greeting cards from your iPhone or Android phone. It’s been downloaded over half a million times and no wonder: the templates are lovely. Five-by-seven inch glossy cards are $2 each, which includes shipping. If you sign in with your Facebook account, they’ll remind you of upcoming birthdays. However, despite hundreds of favorable reviews, some had trouble with it and we did too. A nice alternative is Postagram Postcards for the iPhone or Greeting Card Maker for Android.
  • The Walgreens app for iPhone or Android lets you choose photos from your phone, Facebook or Instagram accounts. The print-out can be huge – even poster size; a 16 x 20 inch print is $16. Regular 5 x 7 photos are 29 cents each. In our test they were ready for pick-up at a nearby Walgreen’s just an hour later. CVS and other pharmacies have similar apps. Shutterfly and Snapfish offer deals for first-time users.

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