ear heroIs it just us, or have other people noticed that emergency vehicle sirens are a lot louder than they used to be? Well, the police, fire and ambulance services don’t want to talk about it, but it’s because so many people are plugged in and can’t hear what’s coming.

You see people walking and driving around all the time with ear plugs and obviously listening to something, usually music. If you say something to them, they don’t hear you. If they can see you speaking to them they’ll sometimes take out their ear buds to hear. It’s not just rude, it’s dangerous.

They wouldn’t have to pull the plug, so to speak, if they had the right ear buds. We’ve been trying out “Ear Hero,” designed just for that purpose.

They’re tiny ear buds – and we mean realty tiny: about the size of a match head. Joy had a little trouble sticking them in her ears the first time, but once in they were comfortable; they don’t go in deep. With the buds in and Mozart playing, she could hear Bob talking as easily as normal. He could not hear her music, however. This is quite different from normal ear buds. Not only can the user not hear someone speaking, but that person can often hear what that user was playing. When Tchaikovsky’s “Spanish Chocolate” came up on Spotify’s music service, she took them out to share the music.

The Ear Hero buds worked just as advertised. What doesn’t work quite as well is the: $149 price tag. That’s as much as a smart-phone. We think it’s worth it though, if you don’t want to miss what your loved one or co-worker is saying. It might also save someone’s life, if they can’t hear a car behind them.


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