We do online banking at two different sites, we log-on to AT&T to look at our TV bill, and then check on free Airline miles, Netflix and other sites for account info. Now we’re doing all that from

Manilla is a free service from the Hearst Corporation. It puts the latest info from your credit card bills, utility payments, finances, travel-rewards programs, Netflix account, Groupon and other daily deal coupons and magazine subscriptions on to one personal encrypted page.

At a glance, we saw how many miles we had accumulated in both our American Airlines accounts, that our next Netflix movie is “Green Lantern” and that we’re a day late on our electric bill.

Bob’s doesn’t like this sort of thing because he worries about security, but Joy likes the convenience. We remember when pitched us on this kind of wrap-up years ago and our reaction was, “Can we really trust them to store our passwords safely?” But the service took off, becoming hugely popular. Manilla may do the same. It’s gotten great reviews so far.


  1. Dear Bob & Joy,
    I read about this app (keyring) for smart phones and it is similar (but not as comprehensive) as Manilla. However, it is very useful to have all you loyalty bar codes (or just account numbers) on you cell phone. Hope you find it of use.