1992 Smart Phone

A reader sent us an item from Time Magazine, which otherwise we never get around to reading. It’s a history of tech gadgets, many of which will surprise you.

Way back in 1992, IBM introduced an $899 device called “Simon.” Simon was a touchscreen mobile phone, personal digital assistant, pager and fax machine, all in one. It had a calendar app, calculator, address book and world clock. You could use your finger or a stylus on the touchscreen. For the whole list, do a Google search on “All time 100 gadgets” or click here.

Bob notes that to this day we get pitched on “new” products he saw 30 years ago at a trade show. Thirty-five years ago, the “Xerox Star” personal computer had a touch pad, a mouse and an icon display nearly identical to what was later used on the Macintosh. Xerox executives dumped the “Star” because they said there was no market for a product like that.

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