We got a sneak preview last night of a rare 1995 interview with Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computer. The film screens at Chicago’s Landmark Century Centre Cinema November 16 and 17. (Details below.) It’s fascinating.

Jobs says it was the “Blue Box” that inspired his life of invention. The Blue Box was a device that reproduced the tones AT&T used to connect phones worldwide. When Jobs found a list of the tones in an AT&T technical journal at the Stanford library, he and Steve Wozniak created their own box and used it to call the Pope. They didn’t actually get the Pope because they were laughing too hard just before he came on the line.

Bob’s experience with the Blue Box brought down Ramparts Magazine. Like Jobs, he had read about the box and got his hands on the AT&T technical journal. Bob wrote a “how to” article for Ramparts on making free phone calls worldwide. AT&T got a court order to confiscate every issue of the magazine before it went on the stands. With that enormous loss of revenue, the magazine never recovered.

“Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview” is a joint effort of technology writer Robert Cringley and Landmark theater co-owner Mark Cuban. Cringely made Triumph of the Nerds, a successful PBS miniseries. A highlight of the show was Cringely’s interview with  Jobs in which he sorely criticized Microsoft for making bad products. You can see that interview in this film, but it’s a lot more than that.

“Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview” screens at the Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema Wednesday and Thursday, November 16 and 17 at 2828 N. Clark St. in Chicago,  7:15 pm and 9:00pm. For a list of  theater locations nationwide, visit stevejobsthelostinterview.com/


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