Sometimes less is more. The very popular photo sharing site “Flickr” does so many things it can get confusing. If you just want to share photos, Shwup.com seems easier.

— The name “Shwup” is their idea of being short for “show up.” Kind of corny, but it’s okay. It has a clear, uncluttered home page: There are just a few simple choices, like “share album” or “create muvee.” Creating a “muvee” means making a slideshow set to music. When you invite friends to share an album or muvee, they can add their own photos and videos if you permit it.

— Another good place for sharing is Posterous.com. You email your photos, videos and music files to this site and it creates a new website address with just those things on it. It can be open to your friends or have security controls. New at Posterous is a tie-in with “TwitPic,” a service that lets you post pictures to your Twitter account. Posterous has an export function you can use to get those photos off TwitPic and onto your own site. Posterous has grown more than 700 percent in the past year, according to a recent comScore report, and now has 2.5 million users.

— And finally (for the moment), there’s Tumblr.com. Here, you can create a blog or follow someone else’s, in various categories like science, creative writing, politics or humor. (Those last two may be the same).  Tumblr is up 174 percent over last year, and now has 10.7 million users.

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