You can print from your phone, iPad or other gadget, if you use one of the new printers from HP.

The new HP printers are called “PhotoSmart e-All-in-Ones.” Each one has its own email address. This last is the key, because you would simply “mail” the print job to the printer, just as if you were emailing it to anyone. You could be on a boat in the Caribbean, but if you send an email to your printer back home, it will start printing. (Of course the printer has to be on.) The emails can have attachments, which is necessary for large files.

We have seen several programs for remote printing and that goes back for a decade or more. What’s different this time is that the HP system uses a printer designed for this purpose, and because of that — no computer is involved. These new printers are inkjets and not expensive, starting at $99. After all, they make their profit selling ink, not printers.

This is a good response to a problem that annoys some users: They want to print something, but they don’t want to have to use a computer to do it.  We have an older friend who has never bought a computer because she thinks they’re too complicated, but wants to get an iPhone because she’s heard they’re not. They have all those apps plus a phone. Her only hesitation was being able to print.

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