INTERNUTS: SWAP BOOKS, FIND PICTURES is a free book-swapping site with about half a million choices in books and disks. Librarians have noticed that rather than buy new items, all they have to do is swap them for others in their collections. A librarian in Connecticut says she’s already saved $500. You pay $4.49 shipping for books and DVDs.

Bing Visual Search

Bing Visual Search is a subset of Microsoft’s new Bing search engine. It brings up thumbnail pictures for popular searches. You can browse the pictures to make your selection, just as you would browse text. If it’s a common search, as for a popular entertainer or news story, you normally get lots of pictures to click. For less popular searches you just get text. “Yoga Poses” is a good example of the picture system.

— “PC Tools AntiVirus” and “iAntiVirus” and are free scanning programs for detecting and removing threats on Windows and Macs. Both were developed by PC Tools, makers of the popular “Spyware Doctor,” and you can download them for free at

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