Google Templates

Not everyone knows about Google Templates. Too  bad, because they’re nice.

The templates are part of Google Docs and are like Microsoft Word templates: ready-made designs for making business cards, shipping labels, form letters, fax covers, invoices, etc. They’re handy and we’ve used them many times. Now, Google is letting template users add their own designs. These include clever designs for advertising flyers, calendars, calculators, business forms, etc. There are thousands.

Google Docs is like an online version of Microsoft Word. You get there by typing in your browser’s search field. You can then write, create presentations similar to Microsoft’s PowerPoint, use a spreadsheet and pretty much do whatever you would do with Microsoft Office. You can also use it to store documents to your own private storage space; you can share them with others and collaborate in real time. If you want to skip the documents part and go directly to the templates, you can type To use a Google template, browse the categories until you find one you want and then click “use this template.” The template automatically becomes a Google document, ready to use.

Presentation Template

To add your own template to the Google gallery, click the “Submit a template” link in the top right corner of the gallery page. You might, for example, have created a great spreadsheet for planning a family vacation or a good form for collecting customer feedback. Once you submit your template,   anyone using Google Docs can use it. Users can also rate your templates. You can embed a thumbnail image of your Google template into your website or blog; this lets people know you are hip, fast-moving and aware.

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