AMAZON DROPS KINDLE PRICE, GOES INTERNATIONAL reduced the price of the Kindle e-book reader by $40, from $299 to $259.  The Kindle also went wireless in over 100 countries and territories. That means you can be almost anywhere in the world and download a new book to your reader within seconds.

Global sales of e-readers are expected to top 5 million this year, from about 1 million last year, according to ISuppli. But more consumers read books on their iPhones and iPod Touches than own Kindles and Sony Readers, according to Forrester Research.

The jury is still out whether the Kindle will become a student’s favorite tool. The 50 Princeton students who received a free Kindle DX  had a lot of gripes.

kindle-dxJoy loves her Kindle, but thinks there’s room for improvement. Currently there are no page numbers, only “locations.” This is because the page numbers vary, depending on which of six font sizes you using. But how about associating a different  page number with each font size? We’re very used to this is in printed books. They often have different

Also, it would be very nice if there were a Kindle for those with low vision, or for those who like to listen to audio books on the device at night. You could lie in the dark pushing the Kindle scroll button, as the device announced each book title. A beep would tell you if you’d turned it off.

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