Windows 10

Windows 10

Another reader recently upgraded to Windows 10 and said her computer isn’t handling her camera card as well as it did when she had Windows 7.

Before she upgraded, she’d get a pop-up message every time she stuck in her camera card. This asked if she wanted to import photos or do something else. That was nice, but now she doesn’t get a pop-up. She’d like to go back to the old way but her time travel machine is in the shop.

Well, you can still work with photos the old-fashioned way: Click on the picture of a folder in the lower part of the Windows 10 screen to bring up “File Explorer,” or click the start button and then click “File Explorer.” Under “this PC” look for the drive with your camera card in it. When you double click to expand it, you should see the “DCIM” folder that has your photos. (DCIM stands for “Digital Camera Images.”)

Or … You can Google “how to go back to Windows 7 from Windows 10,” but we don’t advise doing this unless you really hate the new system. Windows 10 is more stable  than earlier systems, and we’ve read that Microsoft may force everyone to upgrade automatically. Naturally.

Still, if you upgraded to Windows 10 recently, say in the last couple of  months, it’s easy to go back. Click “start,” then “Settings,” then “Update & security,” and “Recovery,”  Then select either “Go back to Windows 7” or “Go back to Windows 8.1.”

Update: A savvy reader notes that you can search on the phrase “Autoplay” in the Windows 10 search box to get your pop-ups back.

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