Oxford Street

Oxford Street

Google Maps, a free app for smart phones, is now a tour guide as well as a path finder. Tap the “Explore around you” link. Along the top of the screen you’ll see “breakfast,” “lunch,” “dinner,” “coffee,” and “drinks.” Under each meal category, you’ll see “best,” “make it fast,” and “make it cheap.” We didn’t agree with their “best” choices for lunch nearby but it also gave us alternatives.

Google Maps is also rolling out an “offline” feature, so you don’t have to have an Internet connection to get turn-by-turn directions. This is already available on some Android phones — but not ours yet. They say it will be there for all smart phones before the end of the year.

Commentary: Bob hates turn-by-turn decorations and all the driving advice that comes from some soft feminine voice in outer space and doesn’t really know what’s going on. Maps still work, and they don’t tell you to turn the wrong way onto a busy one-way street where you are about to be crushed.

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