phone clipartJoy had noticed her cell phone was hot in her pocket and wondered why. We were in an elevator when this came up and Bob said “why not do a quick survey.”¬† So we spoke up and asked the three people in the elevator if their phones were hot. We didn’t mean “hot” as in stolen or “hot” as in “cool, man,” but they got it. A young woman answered immediately and said her phone was hot all the time, Someone else nodded in agreement. But the tall guy had the answer: “It gets hot when it’s always searching for a signal.”

So that’s the problem. Well at least it was the biggest part of the problem. Joy had inadvertently left the Wi-Fi search signal on, even though we were far from home. The phone was forever searching for a signal so it could talk to someone. (Truth is, we don’t have that much to say.) Bluetooth was on too, looking endlessly for something to connect to. Turning both of these off cooled the phone immediately and also saved on battery life. She also dumped a lot of apps that were always running in the background.

In addition: We worried¬†that those clever and sharp looking cell phone cases trap heat. Joy has one with the famous Winston Churchill quote: “Keep calm and carry on.” (Bob always thought it would have sounded better if he had said “Remain calm” or “Stay calm.” He just can’t stop editing people.”) But within a week of carrying the phone without the case, our phone’s screen broke. Much better to turn off Wi-Fi for awhile than to remove the case.

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