Courtesy of the Washington Post

Courtesy of the Washington Post

Bob clicked on a hidden Facebook feature and discovered an old pal from Philadelphia. Turns out there’s a Facebook button called “Other.” It’s faint and hard to see, but that just makes it more mysterious. It’s there you may find mail from people who aren’t on your friends list, also ads for things you never wanted.

Anyone can send anyone a Facebook message, whether you know the recipient or not and whether they’re on friends list or not. Celebrities get quite a few of these. That may be the reason you haven’t heard back from them.

If like us, you didn’t know about the “other” mailbox, here’s how to find it: Click on the speech bubble in the top right of your Facebook page to get to the general “Messages” area. Right next to the word “Inbox” is the word “Other” in pale gray, practically invisible. Click there. When Joy clicked it, she found  messages that had been there for seven years!  They weren’t urgent, at least not anymore.

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