new computerWhen we buy a new Windows 10 computer this summer, we’ll be asking ourselves: Should we get one with a traditional hard disk drive or one of the new solid state drives?

Hard disk drives have been around for 60 years. They were a tremendous advance over floppy disks. They were invented by IBM and were originally called “Winchester Drives,” because they were as fast as a rifle bullet, they said. The name may have been influenced by the fact that the IBM lab that designed the drive was across the street from the Winchester mansion in San Jose, Calif.

Solid state drives have no moving parts, they’re all chips. But even if you buy a computer with one of these, you can still add external old-style hard drives; we saw one from Toshiba that could hold a terabyte and was only $56. A terabyte can hold17,000 hours of music, 40 days of standard movies recorded around the clock, or 500 hours of high definition movies.

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