morganElectric cars are hot, so to speak, and the latest entry comes from the Morgan Motor Car Company in Malvern Links, Wales. Bob drove a Morgan for more than 20 years and it remains his all-time favorite car. It’s very British: They made one car a day.

Every once in a while he would get a letter from Peter Morgan, the owner of the Morgan Motors, and it would have pertinent information on company advances. For example, one letter informed the customers that production might be brought up to six cars a week, if the “sewing ladies” would come in on Saturdays. They stitched the upholstery, you see. Another letter informed us that the workers had recently noticed that the production line ran slightly uphill and they were thinking of reversing it. Good job.

The car came with a crank. If the battery went dead, you could hand crank the engine to get started. Presumably, the electric models won’t ┬áneed that. The first ones will have only three wheels. Well, there’s no point in rushing into things. It will have a top speed of 80 miles an hour. Bob’s old four-wheel Morgan was faster than a Porsche.

By the way, one of the many advantages of electric cars is they need no transmission, no gears to shift. Also no carburetor, no spark plugs, no radiator, no fuel pump, no starter motor, no oil lubrication system, no finely machined engine, etc. A lot of people are going to be out of work.

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