brickiesMany computers come with a “games” file on board from their first startup; our Hewlett Packard has at least a couple hundred.

Google, Yahoo and AOL also have tons of free games and the nice thing about those and any games that come with you computer is you don’t have to worry about viruses or hacking attacks. At least we’ve never had any problems with these games. They run from card games to adventures, action, role playing and imitations of famous games that are expensive, but of course much larger and more complex.

One of Bob’s favorites is “Brickies,” a free game for iPad/iPhone/Android phones. This is much like “Little Brick-Out,” a classic computer game that goes back to the very earliest days, when “Pong” introduced to the world as a little moving rectangle of light on a black screen; it could be bounced around using a short line that acted like a paddle.

Little Brick Out was also a favorite of Steve Wozniak, designer and builder of the first Apple computer. In fact, therein lies an interesting footnote to computer history. The original Apple design had a black and white screen display. But Wozniak wanted to play Little Brick Out, which is in color (just basic colors), so he added a chip that would show a color screen.

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