famous paintings app— “Famous Paintings” is a free Android app with paintings by Matisse, Homer, Uccello, Velasquez and dozens of others. Tap to zoom in once, then spread your fingers to zoom more. The details are remarkable. (Bob once visited a home in Morocco with $25 million worth of paintings in the entrance hall: A row of Fragonards on one wall and Watteaus on the other. Raphael was in the study. Now Joy has seen some of them too.)

— “Guess the Painter” is a free iPhone/iPad app for improving your knowledge of art by trying to identify the artist simply by looking at the style of the painting. There’s a quiz. Bob rocks at this.

–“Paintings by Famous Artists” is a $2 app for iPhone with hundreds of paintings by Renoir, Da Vinci, Michelangelo and other artists. (Apps like these are like a free short course in art history.)

— “Art of Glow” A free app lets you doodle on your tablet screen and get glowing lines in multiple colors. A 99 cent version lets you save your masterpieces. They’re not much but kind of interesting.

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