Chromo 7ci tabletTalk about cheap: There’s a $50 tablet called the Chromo 7Ci. It started out at $38, but high demand drove up the price.

It’s about the same size as an iPad mini or a Kindle. Everything about the 7Ci is low quality, because that’s how you drive the price to the bottom. The battery is terrible – only lasts a couple of hours, so keep it plugged in. Still, there are plenty of nice uses for a cheap tablet: it can collect your email, surf the web, play music and handle video phone calls. You can download apps, just like you can with any tablet, and we list some nice ones down below.

For another $10 – making a total of $60 – you can go to a quality brand: Toshiba. Their cheap table, the “Excite 7c,” is a refurbished one for just $60 and it has twice the storage, five times the battery life, and high quality all around. Amazon sells a new one, the “Excite Go,” for $88.

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