youtubeMaking a “playlist” in YouTube is a great way to provide an evening’s worth of ¬†entertainment without ever getting up to change the video.

Search for a video or performer you’d like to watch. We searched on “Danny Kaye.” Click it and then click “add to” the “Danny Kaye playlist.” Then search for another,

click “add to,” and add it to the playlist you already created. Now whenever you go to you’ll see your playlist off to the side. They also keep track of any video

you liked enough to click “like.”


A few tips for watching videos: Tap the “L” key on your keyboard to leap ahead ten seconds; type “J” to jump back ten seconds. Tap a number to jump ahead by a

percentage: tapping a 5 takes you ahead 50 percent, tapping a 9 takes you 90 percent. Tap the space bar to pause or start play again. Tap “M” to mute the video and tap it

again to unmute.

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