"Before" and "After" using Facetune app

“Before” and “After” using Facetune app

— “Next Move Quiz” is our favorite new iPhone/iPad app, free from educational book publisher Pearson. The app has fun and colorful quizzes for kids and adults in subjects like science, geography, food, sports, culture and history. Joy has a lot to learn about currency but aced the human body quiz. You can retake quizzes. “Quiz Up” for Android is similar.

FaceTune is a $5 app that goes way beyond blemish removal in photos. Want a thinner nose, a wider smile, and a forehead whose skin tone matches the rest of your face? (Joy’s bangs keeps her forehead white; like a baseball cap.) It can also sharpen facial details while blurring the background and adding other effects. This app does it all.

Story Creator is a free app for writing stories. A drawing tool lets you scribble on the screen. Another button adds your photos. Speak into the microphone to create a talking book. This might also make a nice photo album, with voice recordings for each photo.

If you’re in doubt about any of the apps, or need a tutorial, go to and type the name of the app. You’ll get a nice video preview and an explanation of the features.

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