poolCreating smart phone apps for your business can save big bucks. We just found out about a pool maintenance company that saved $35,000 a year.

They did it with “Alpha Anywhere,” a database program that competes with Microsoft Access. Many companies have dumped Microsoft Access for Alpha Anywhere because applications built with Access years ago often don’t work well with modern touch devices or the web.

“American Pool,” the country’s largest pool maintenance company, used the program to create apps for lifeguards. Instead of having to make a phone call and enter a pin number to clock in and clock out, the lifeguard can tap the app. It seems hard to believe, but the company says the clock system was costing them $35,000 a year. Alpha Anywhere costs around $2000 a year and was used to create many more apps for the company. We also read about a marine animal maintenance company that created apps for monitoring dolphin health, marine inventory, etc.

Alpha Anywhere is made by Alpha Software, a database company we have covered for many years. This has long been Bob’s favorite database software and he first used it more than 20 years ago.

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