Ocean Floor map

Ocean Floor map

Joy just created a map of the best vegetarian restaurants around town. Now she can put that map into the Google Maps Gallery. Previously, the Google Maps Gallery only showcased maps from heavy hitters like the National Geographic, NASA, or the World Bank. Now you can do one too.

You can customize and place your own map in the gallery as well as use their search function to find ones made by others. We searched on Laguna Beach, CA, and along with some hiking guides, found directions to someone’s apartment. Evidently, the bar for accepting a new map is low.

To submit one of your own, start by creating a map at When you’re happy with it, go to and click “add your maps.” There’s a short form for you to fill out and some guidelines to follow. Examples of the types of maps they’ll accept include environmental maps like “The Sumatra Fire Season” (Indonesia), crisis maps, such as “Florida Evacuation Information” (hurricanes) and specialized recreational maps like the National Geographic’s “Dominican Republic Adventure.” Check out  “Earth at Night.”

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