smokingSmokefree TXT”  is a free app to help you quit smoking. You get texts with helpful advice from other quitters, progress updates and other tips.

A George Washington University study involving 503 participants over six months found that 11 percent using a text to quit app did quit smoking, compared to five percent of the control group.

Bob quit smoking more than 30 years ago when he caught the flu in Philadelphia. Actually, it turned out to be a variant of the so-called “Legionnaire’s Disease,” named that because it cropped up for the first time during an  American Legion convention in that city. Breathing was so difficult that he couldn’t smoke. After the disease passed, he said to heck with it and just didn’t start up again. The lesson in all this: If you get a serious cold, use it to give up smoking. (As a footnote, there is considerable variation in susceptibility to damage. The philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell chain-smoked five packs a day of unfiltered. Pall Malls and died at age 98.)

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