a forest in Japan

A forest in Japan

A reader told us he had a photo he wanted to use as his Windows desktop “wallpaper,” which is the picture that acts as background on your computer screen, but it was way too big.

Here’s how to re-size any picture, using the free program “Google Picasa:” Click the “File” menu and then “Export Picture to Folder.” Experiment with various size changes until you get one that looks right. Choose a folder that you’ll be able to find later, perhaps a sub-folder in “Pictures.” To make that picture your wallpaper, use your right mouse button to click on your main screen, the “desktop.” Then choose “personalize.” Put in the picture you want and that’s it.

If the picture doesn’t look right, click “Personalization” or “Personalize” and then “desktop background.” You’ll see options like “fit” or “stretch” or “fill” under the words “Picture Position.” (For our own desktop wallpaper, we get a new photo every day from It comes in automatically if you get the free download from

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