Courtesy Getty Images

Courtesy Getty Images

“VSDC Free Video Editor” just came out in a new version. It’s very similar to professional video editors. It’s free, for Windows XP on up to Windows 8.

Critics have admitted they are in awe of its tools but point out it is difficult to use for novices. We’re novices, so we tried it out. Some parts of the program are actually easy to use. For instance, you can easily make a slideshow with a video of someone in one corner talking about the slideshow. Just click “add object” to add a photo or video to an existing video clip, or to add music or speech. This is pretty useful; could be all you need for an instructional video, for example.

During the download, be sure you click “decline” to decline the other offers, unless they sound good to you. Undoubtedly the company gets paid by companies that want to piggyback on the download process. This is common with free programs, as it’s one of the few ways for the programmers way to make some money; sometimes they ask for donations instead.

The program is free at, and they offer tech support for $10 a year.

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