hackersNext time we travel or use our computers outside the home, we’re going to use Avast’s “SecureLine” to connect to the Internet. That way, even if we’re using the notoriously dangerous public Wi-Fi in an airport, no hacker can see us.

Actually, anyone who uses a phone, computer or tablet to connect to public Wi-Fi, no matter where they are, opens themselves up to potential hackers. Yet when we wrote about SecureLine before, it was only for users of Avast anti-virus software. Now Avast has a stand-alone version. You don’t have to be an Avast customer to use it.

SecureLine acts as a tunnel in the air, funneling data through an encrypted line invisible to hackers. It’s quite easy to use and there’s a free trial at Avast.com/Secureline-vpn. It’s $60 a year for the PC and there’s a version for tablets and phones.

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