show timeA friend of ours owns a bookstore in a tiny town and to get more people into the store, he shows free 3D movies.  He’s technically savvy so we were curious about what kind of projector he chose. It was the Optoma HD 25.

Part of the reason was the price. Epson just about owns the projector market, but until recently, most Epson home theater projectors cost around $2000 or more. They’ve since come down in price, but the Optoma 25 was around $800 on Amazon.

He says the Optoma HD 25e projects beautifully on a ten-foot screen, has 2800 lumens (which means a bright picture) and the machine is quiet. It handles 3D movies well and is brighter than some Epson projectors at the same price.

This is the second time we’ve encountered someone who watches television shows and movies using a projector. They shine it onto a wall, and of course the picture quality depends considerably on how clean and white that wall is. The best picture surface would probably be on those glass bead roll-down screens that used to be common for watching home movies or educational films at school. You can probably find those at garage sales now.

There are several things to look for when shopping for a home projector. First off, look for “1080p,” which means high definition. It’s a must if you want a cinema-crisp experience on a big screen.  Also make sure it has support for an HDMI cable; otherwise, it’s more of a computer projector than a home theater.


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