tips and tricks— If you find the daily load of email as overwhelming as we do, try this trick: Instead of deleting messages you don’t want, one by one, check the box that selects them all. Then go down the list and uncheck the ones you want to look at. Dump the rest.

— Pulling a snapshot from a movie DVD can be done with the free video player, “VLC,” from (Select “custom install” and uncheck the boxes that offer extra stuff.)  As the movie plays, select the “video” menu at the top of the screen and then click “take snapshot” from the menu. Some commercial movies can block this feature but it will certainly work with all your home videos. It worked with our home movie as well as the feature film,  “American Dreamer.” The snapshots automatically landed in our “Pictures” folder.

— There are a lot of free typing games online if you do a search, but we still like “Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing,” a golden oldie from way back. You can often get programs like this from your local library. And sure enough, our library had it. Libraries have a lot of computer programs you can check out.


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