CcleanerWe often hear from readers with slow Windows computers. But what about Mac owners? Their machines can get slow too. Let’s hear it for slow Macs!

Good news: The same free tool that works for Windows also comes in a version for the Mac. It’s called “CCleaner” and you can download it from piriform.org.  We use it to clean out junk files. But better yet, it lets you turn off items that start up when your computer starts up. (Do you really need that thingy running in the background?)  It turns off browser add-ons. Too much stuff running in the background is usually what slows down the computer.

In Windows XP through Windows 7, you can turn off startup items by clicking “start” and then typing “msconfig” (without the quotes) into the “run” or search box. In Windows 8, you can do this from the task manager. Use the right mouse button to click the strip on the bottom of your screen and choose task manager from the menu.

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