shareaholicThis happens a lot: Somebody will tell us about a great site, article or video they saw on the web, but don’t remember exactly where it was. Google it, they’ll say. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t.

If you use the Firefox web browser, there’s an easy way to share what you saw. Click “File” from the top of the screen and then “Email link.”  In Safari, click “File,” “share” and “email this page.” In Internet Explorer (for Windows 7 and XP), click “Page” and then “send page by email.” In IE for Windows 8, use the “share” charm, if you can get it to work, which we can’t.

But what about the totally popular Chrome browser? You have to install the free add-on, Shareaholic, from It requires you to sign up for an account, but that’s easy. There’s a version for all the browsers. If you’re on Youtube, click the “share” button under the video, then choose “email.” Finally, the way we usually share things found on the web is copy the web address and paste it into an email. It’s easy; it’s just an extra step. God, we get so lazy sometimes.


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