CleanMasterWhy does the battery on your smart phone drain so fast? They’re all against you, that’s why.  Here’s a list of the bad guys now:

According to KS Mobile, an app maker, the number one battery drainer is the “Camera 360 Ultimate” app. Public battery enemies two through ten are:, EZ Weather Forecast, Viki, Zello Walkie-Talkie, Temple Run 2, IMO Free Video Calls and Text, Racing Moto, Fruit Ninja and Candy Crush Saga.

KS makes a free battery-saving Android app called Clean Master, which we use to get rid of junk files, but our favorite battery-saving app is still Battery Doctor, also free, for iPhone and Android.  For iPhone users who want something similar to Clean Master for getting rid of unwanted applications, there’s Snap Pea.

One Response to “BATTERY LIFE LOST”

  1. Mr Schwabach
    Why don’t you comment on Battery Doctors Privacy policy that are subject to laws of the Republic of China…….not USA?