snap peaStuff on an Android phone tends to pile up. We hardly ever delete photos, apps or text messages. “SnapPea,” a free app, came to the rescue.

SnapPea lets you control your Android phone from the web. Instead of typing on a tiny virtual keyboard, you can make changes to your phone from a laptop or desktop.

The first step is to install SnapPea on your phone by searching for it in the Google Play store. Then go back to your computer and visit From there, sign in to your Google account and tap “photos” to start deleting junk or download it to your computer. Tap “messages” to clean out old messages. Tap “apps” to delete apps you no longer want. Tap “contacts” to clear out old contacts or update them.

We got rid of a ton of stuff on our Galaxy S 3. Who knew there were so many duplicate photos, dumb photos, and embarrassing pictures? But it was even better getting rid of old text messages. We put a check mark next to each message exchange we no longer needed, tapped delete, and poof! They were gone. Even better, we clicked “new message” from our computer to text message from the comfort of our roomy keyboard.

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