FORGOTIFY-Our favorite online music service, Spotify, has over 20 million songs that have been listened to at least once. But they have four million songs have never been called up by any Spotify user.

Forgotify” comes to the rescue of those lonely songs. Using it, you can cycle through the lost tunes (Remember: there are only four million. If you listen to 50 an hour, you can get through them in just 80,000 hours – or around 30 years, assuming you sometimes eat, sleep and take a shower.)

Doing our bit for musicology, we found a nice Indian hit, a soothing instrumental number, and many, many duds. Now we’re sorry about this, and have to issue a warning to anyone else crazy enough to go through this routine: Any time you listen to a never before listened-to tune, it comes off the “Forgotify” list. After all, you listened to it.  You have then deprived other searchers of the chance to discover it. Let your conscience be your guide.

You have to sign in to Spotify to use Forgotify, but it’s free if you don’t mind the ads. It’s $10 a month ad-free.

By the way, you can find the lyrics for many songs using “musiXmatch” for Android or iPhone. On the web you can search for the lyrics for just about any song and usually see many sources. There are lots of sites that have libraries of song lyrics. Of course you won’t find lyrics for the never-listened to songs, because … Well, you understand.

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