samsung dv150fPhone photos are easy to share: just hand the phone to someone or tap the share button to send it somewhere. But how do you get the photos from a regular camera into a cell phone, so they can be easily shared? Well now there’s an easy to do that.

Our niece is crazy about her new Samsung camera that sends photos to her cell phone automatically. Besides sending photos to phones, smart cameras like the Samsung DV150F can send them to an iPad or Android tablet. This is all done through an Internet connection. Tap the direct link button on the camera to email photos, share them on Facebook, or send them to a website for storing.  If you leave the camera connected to the Internet, it will automatically save photos to your Microsoft SkyDrive account in the cloud.

The $100 DV150F has two viewing screens, one on the front and one on the back, making it easy to do self portraits. If you want, the camera’s software will put frames around the photos and do movie-like effects. For instance, you can freeze time around a moving object: your friend can be seen dancing while everyone else around her is standing still. The camera has a 16 megapixel sensor, and a wide-angle lens with the ability to zoom in five times.

It’s truly remarkable what can be done today because of the availability of cheap sensors and large memory chips. But we haven’t reached perfection yet. A long-time camera store owner complained that he thought the image quality could be better. But that’s an opinion from an expert; we doubt most users would feel let down. Usually, image quality is a function of lens quality.  If you want the best, look for a camera with an interchangeable lens. That will cost more, of course.

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