android phone“RingMeMaybe” for the iPhone and iPod Touch can give you a disposable phone number. There are many similar apps, but this one stands out with a few extra features.

First, because it connects through Wi-Fi, you can receive calls when you’re in another country, without accumulating expensive roaming fees. Second, it turns the iPod Touch into a working phone. Third, you can tag phone numbers to specific people or projects; that way you can tell from the ring, what the call is likely to be about.

The first two numbers are free and additional numbers are 99 cents each. That’s where the costs come in. The numbers expire after a week and it costs 99 cents to extend them or to have more than two phone numbers.

A similar app, called “Burner,” is available for iPhone and Android. But Burner has a 20-minute talk limit, or 60 text messages. Or some combination of the two.


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