avastWe recently wrote about the free programs, Avast and Bitdefender, just days before the new Avast 2014 came out. The new version is free and instructs you to burn a boot-disk on a CD or DVD. After all, it’s all well and good to have anti-virus protection, but what if your computer won’t start at all? Then you better have a boot disk ready. If you Google “create boot disk,” you can get instructions to burn one to CD or flash drive, but it’s nice that Avast prompts you to do it.

Avast 2014 now comes with a “hardened mode” that blocks files from executing if you’re not sure whether they’re infected or not. And, there‚Äôs a plug-in for your browser, whether that’s Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or whatever, that stops companies from tracking your online behavior. They also ask you if you want to download a free trial of a password manager. We tried it and liked it.

We see no reason to switch from your current anti-virus if your computer isn’t giving you any problems. But sometimes your anti-virus program slows down your computer and you need a lighter, faster one. Avast is a great product with 200 million users.

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