The same reader who warned us about app permissions has some good app suggestions. He had a lot to say. Our favorite: The Amazon App Store’s “Free App of the Day.” It’s a great way to get some $15 apps for free, though don’t be surprised if many are duds.

catch appIt took us more than a minute to find the Amazon App Store on our Android phone. (On the Kindle Fire, just tap “Apps.”)  We had to go to “Settings” on our Galaxy S3 and tap “allow downloads from unknown sources.” What’s more, one of our security apps, the free “Advance Mobile Care” app, stopped the installation until we gave it the go-ahead.

The Amazon App Store asked for a lot of scary-sounding permissions, but we said okay because that’s the only way we could check this out, and in Amazon we put our trust. At least so far. Finally, we got the free app, which was a game called “Crazy Tanks.” Joy liked the patriotic tank music more than blasting away at other tanks. Now this is a pretty trivial app (except to the person who wrote it) but another day, another new one.

Here are a few other recommendations, all of which we tried and liked:

  • Smart Voice Recorder: A free app for making recordings.
  • Catch: A free app for notes, checklists, voice memos, and reminders.
  • Office Calculator is a virtual tape calculator optimized for office tasks.
  • ISSLive -all about the International Space Station.
  • Handyman Calculator (For contractors and home owners. There’s a free and a $5 version.)
  • Catch Sketch is an easy to use drawing program.

NOTE: There are about 800,000 so-called “Apps” — short for “Applications,” whether Apple or Android. As you might expect, most are pointless. It would probably take you a decade to check them all out, and by the time you finished there would be a million more.

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