GOGO AIRWhoa! Another reason to buy a $250 Chromebook laptop instead of something similar for twice the price: We just found out we get free Wi-Fi on airlines and 100 gigabytes of storage online.

So we got excited when we heard that, because we were about to take a flight. Unfortunately, the offer isn’t good for our Acer Chromebook, only those made by Samsung, HP and Lenovo. So, whoa, color us envious and disappointed.

If you have a Samsung Chromebook, the free 100 gigabytes of storage space is a really good deal. That’s ten times as much as you get with a Gmail account. )And more than enough to store your plans for the weekend.) The free Wi-Fi offered to Samsung Chromebook users is good for two years and provides 12 free GoGo In-Air passes. These normally cost $14 for one time or $50 a month. To get the free Wi-Fi offer, do a search on “Google Goodies.” If you don’t have a Chromebook, you can check out the regular Wi-Fi prices at GoGoAir.com.

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