Some people want to stop using their landline phone and rely only on a cell phone, but they can’t: The landline sends the message when the burglar alarm goes off. So we looked at “SimpliSafe,” a burglar alarm that doesn’t need a phone.

It’s a set of small wireless sensors with sticky tape on their backs. Stick them up anywhere you want, within range of the base station. As a practical matter, your house should be smaller than 20,000 square feet for this to work well. That fits most places.

Wireless sensors detect when a door or window is opened or there’s motion nearby. If the alarm goes off, a call is made through the company’s own cellular connection. The call goes to the local police or any other number you put in. Note that some police departments won’t accept calls from home burglar alarms, so check with yours first. If that’s the case, pick another number.

The system comes with a panic button and a special PIN number. If an intruder is already inside, type the PIN number to send an emergency message.  A “home” mode deactivates motion sensors when you’re home but keeps the door and windows covered.

The system costs $249 upfront and $15 a month. For $5 more, you can get an email or text message when an alarm is triggered.  If you move, peel off the sensors and stick them in the new location. There’s no contract.



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