A reader with an image problem loved our suggestion that he download “Screen Hunter,” a free program for capturing anything you see on your screen.

The capture can be made whether you’re on the web or in a program. He liked that part, but what he didn’t like was that Screen Hunter saves images as “gif” files, and sometimes he needed them in “jpeg.” We know a great program for that and it’s also free. It’s “IrfanView” from  It’s been around forever and they keep improving it. There have been over 64 million downloads to date.

Be careful when you install IrfanView — or any program — because sometimes other programs come along with the one you want. This is an important point to check whenever you are downloading free programs: They’re free, but in order to get some money back for creating them, the maker often sells links to other products. Those links sometimes appear as boxes on the screen and are already checked off, as if you want them as well. If you don’t un-check them, that stuff will come in too. It’s common, for example, to see anti-virus programs checked off on a freebie site. Look at that screen before you click.

To convert an image from one format to another in IrfanView, just click “save as” and then select the file type you want. A nice feature that comes up next is if you want to print the image you saved, you can print all or just part of it. Select the part by dragging your cursor over that part of the picture.

Besides conversions, the new IrfanView can make slideshows and panoramas. And here’s a fun tip from their “Frequently Asked Questions” page. Add a speech bubble to an image.  (You can get one from That’s a way to add made-up dialogue to your vacation photos.

One Response to “IMAGE MAKING”

  1. How about a better solution? Quicker/integrated solution that does not require another download/install.

    ScreenHunter (6.0) is configurable to save files in any of 6 formats. When you start screenhunter, a configuration screen appears. Click the “to:” button on the left side of the configuration screen and on the right, under “save to file”, check the “jpg” box. That is all it takes.
    ScreenHunter will now save files as “jpg”.