PBSkids.org/democracy lets kids play politics, creating presidential candidate stickers and posters online.  Information about issues is missing, but we learn that Mitt Romney’s favorite food is hot dogs and President Barack Obama likes pizza.

The best part of the new kids site is the “President for a Day” section. You start by finding out what the President earns: $400,000 a year plus $170,000 for expenses. Then start your day as President and choose your activities as you go. “President Joy” started with a swim, later met with the Department of Education, had lunch with a New York Times reporter, and ended the day with dinner and a movie at the White House.

After each choice, the screen presents photos of Presidents doing whatever activity you chose and gives you a little history lesson. For example, Richard Nixon paved over the pool to make room for press conferences, but Gerald Ford had a new pool built. A virtual newspaper summarizes your day with many blushing quotes about, in our case, the greatness of  “President Joy.” It’s kind of a kick.

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