When a 13-year-old relative of ours asked for a copy of Nero video editing, we thought that maybe it wasn’t too techie for us after all.

The new Nero 12  makes you feel like a big shot film editor. For example, the program turned a shaky scene of a girl running toward her mother into an impressive slow-motion sequence like a movie. To get that effect, you drag the slow motion icon (it’s a little square that says “slow motion”) over the video clip. Another icon removes shakiness. You can apply a special effect like slow motion to just a few seconds of your movie or all of it. If you want to make a 3D movie, you can do that too.

We could take a movie on our computer and move it to a smart- phone, iPad, Kindle Fire, or other tablet. But here’s where a bit of the techie stuff creeps in: The screen presents you with two choices: “Decode Discs” and “Convert Media Files.” Both choices do the same thing, but one does the whole disc and the other just single files.

You can transfer streaming video as well. Anything you see on your computer can be streamed to other devices, such as a Roku player, Google TV, the Playstation, etc., as long as your devices are connected to the Internet. The standard version of Nero 12 is $99 and the platinum version is $129.

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