Fixing computers that have serious problems has become a big business. If you happen to be the one who created the problem in the first place, you are ideally positioned to fix it. Here’s how it works:

A pop-up ad appears on your screen and tells you: “Your computer is infected. Click here to clean it.” This triggers a program that automatically loads some seriously infected software onto your computer and then charges you to fix it. To protect yourself, what you need is common sense and slow trigger finger, or a free program like Anti-Malware from

Anti-Malware has over 150 million users and adds about a million new ones each month. We have the “pro” version, and it works very well. The nice thing about the pro version is that it protects you in advance, blocking the malware before it hits. New this month is an “enterprise” version for business. The enterprise version can be deployed on every computer in a company.

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