“Addappt” is a free app for iPhones. It keeps your iPhone contact information updated, as long as your friends sign on.

Here’s a question and answer session between the president, Mrinal Desai, who founded, and a friend of ours who is thinking of trying the app but had some concerns.

Larry: It is not as much security (concerns) as it is sending all my contacts a message. I have one contact who has a service that does an update once or twice per year. That is not so bad but if all my contacts did it I would get thousands of messages per year.

Mrinal: We ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SEND MESSAGES TO ANYONE’s CONTACT(s) and I am aware of companies in the past that used those practices. We do not even have an option for users to share anything on Twitter or Facebook or via email to inform anyone of their presence on addappt – which is the norm now. In fact, users have asked us for that as a feature – let me send an email to (all) my contacts that ‘I am on addappt’ but we have refrained from that for now intentionally. Like Crossloop, which needed trust from users since they were sharing screens, we similarly believe in building a long term business on trust. There are no short cuts for greatness in my opinion.

Larry: Hmm. Interesting. Not sure how the addresses stay updated if they don’t send messages to each other for contact updates.

Mrinal: Let’s take the example of us two – you and I are ‘connected.’

I update my ‘Me’ at my end – say with a new job title. Then whenever you open the app, it syncs with our servers and sees Mrinal has a new title and updates it at your end. When you added a new pic, I opened the app, it synced and found the new photo and I got it right away.

We just make sure that your connected contacts info are the same as those provided by them by syncing each time you open the app – hence at the bottom of the screen you see an ‘Updated mm/dd/yy and time’ … It’s similar to how email services work – they sync when you open the app so that you get the latest email. You are assured you have the latest on all your connected contacts when you open the app.

Larry: Got it.I can see how it can keep contacts in sync quite nicely. The only catch is that both people have to have the application installed and be using it.

Thus they have to have everyone in my address book using it.  That will be a stretch as of course everyone has their own idea of how they want to manage their apps and contacts.

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